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OK, We Already Mentioned That   Your Sites Need to be Faster on Mobile...

52% of ALL Visitors Use Mobile Devices Nowadays So You Potantially Waste Half Your Traffic If Your Site is Slow

Optimisation is For Mobile Is No Longer An Option

Most webmasters forget that more than half of our traffic nowadays is mobile. This means half your traffic is on slower connections.

Not optimising our sites for peak performance on mobile devices means alienating that audience & giving them a bad user experience.

If your mobile visitors are having trouble loading your page, they are much less likely to take action

So it's a bad assumption that just because your site works well on your fast connection doesn't mean it will load fast on mobile.

You Can Easily Reduce Most Images By Up To 70% Yet Optimising Graphics 1 By 1 Sucks

Bad Assumption: Photoshop Web Export Does a Good Job

Virtually none of us optimize our graphics for the web - optimising graphics one by one is a time killer.

Even our team of highly experienced developers made the assumption that just because we cut our graphics to the right size & use professional tools like Photoshop to export the image... our work is done... wrong!

When we run our graphics through services like Tinypng & Optimzilla to our surprise we found that the average reduction was 50%+

All WordPress Sites Accumulate Useless Database Junk Which Makes Your Site Slower

Another common assumption about WordPress is efficient at keeping it's database tidy...

The reality is...  as you create content & make changes to your pages, each version of every change you make is stored. So over time this ends up being 100's & even 1000's of revisions bloating your site database.

The posts & comments you delete aren't really deleted they just sit in trash.

And every time you add & remove a plugin, that extra data just sits in your database too adding to your site's workload.

Many Hosts & Servers Cause Speed Issues - But How Would You Even Know?

So you pay for your hosting package but how do you really know if your host has good global connectivity?

How would you know if your site is correctly configured, running the right amount of memory, if the processor is not overloaded?

These things have a major impact on site speed & could be the underlying root cause of your site speed issues

Many Themes & Plugins Slow Down Your Site But, How Do You Know Which Ones?

Unless you are a coding expert & are prepared to go through every theme & plugin you use line by line you'll never know what's causing the problem      
The hard reality is... for most programmers speed is an after thought which doesn't really help webmasters that want to tune their sites.

The bigger problem however, is that there is no speed rating on any product  so you don't know what's slowing your site down.

As most of us use multiple plugins there's a good chance one of these is having a major impact on your site performance

Long Landing Pages Eat Your Bandwidth & Load The Full Page Even If Your Visitors Don't Scroll

The longer the page & more graphics you use the slower your page will take to load...

Long pages are often used for landing pages & sales pages so it's especially important for these pages to load fast

However regular optimisation still may not give a fast load speed.

The industry answer to this is to lazy load your images as the user scrolls which has the added benefit of reducing your bandwidth and processor load which means more visitors can view the same page simultaneously without you needing to upgrade your hosting plan.

Till Now No-One Has Created An Optimisation Tool That's Fast, Easy & Effective...

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It Covers The 6 Biggest Speed Factors...

With 1 Click Diagnostics / Recommendations + Auto Fixes

Instantly See What's Slowing Down Your Site

& Remove The Culprit Plugin Or Theme To Increase Speed

Instantly See Your Site Configuration Issues & Global Connectivity Status

So You Can Sort Any Issues With Your Hosting Provider

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Get Up To 70% Lossless Image Compression

Batch Optimises Existing Images + Auto Optimses New Images

600x600 Image: Before 470Kb


600x600 Image: After 175Kb


OK Here's What WP Optimiser Will Do For You...
Run Your Sites Up to 500% Faster & With 70% Less Bloat

Reduce Bounce Rates - Increase Time on Site

WP Optimiser WP Rocket
SITE & SERVER HEALTH CHECK ----- ----- -----
Daily PHP Memory Check
Daily Disk Usage Check
Daily Global Connectivity Checks
Daily CPU Load Monitoring
Daily Uptime Monitoring
Active Plugin Monitoring
Auto Email Problems to Admin
THEME & PLUGIN SPEED TESTS ----- ----- -----
Active Theme Load Time Testing
Active Plugins Load Time Testing
Compare Your site vs Benchmark Site
GFX OPTIMIZATION ----- ----- -----
Batch Optimise Existing Site GFX 500GFX /month Free per API 1000 GFX Free
Auto-Optmise Newly Uploaded GFX 500GFX /month Free per API 1000 GFX Free
Clear Revisions
Clear Orphaned Items
Optimise Meta Data
Clear Trash
Lazy Load Images
On Page/Post Enable/ Disable Option
CACHE ----- ----- -----
Built in Cache We Sell Viper Cache (Easier)
EASE OF USE ----- ----- -----
Newbie Friendly Pages of Settings Pages of Settings
RUNNING COSTS $49/yr Unlimited Sites
(Limited Special Offer)
$199 1 year Unlimited Sites £150 for 20,000 images

Pricing table shows WP Rocket prices on January 15th 2018

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Speed-up Your Site With The Easiest & Most Effective Optimisation Tool For WordPress

- With REAL TIME Server & Host Monitoring -

  • Identify Site & Server Issues
  • Identify Themes & Plugin Issues
  • Batch & Auto Optimise Graphics
  • Remove Your Database Junk
  • Lazy Load Images on Demand
  • Global Connectivity Testing
  • Daily Site Performance Monitor
  • Full Training Videos & Tooltips

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Results from using this product will vary - we've done out best to represent the product fairly & can't guarantee you will replicate the exact same results.

*Please Note Theme & Profiling feature is currently not avaliable on servers running PHP 7.x

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QWhy Do I Need To Optimize?
A. Your site becomes cluttered with autosaved post revisions & plugin debris as you use it & 99% of users don't optimize their graphics - this bloats your site & makes it slow .
Q Why Can't I Just Use Cache?
A. You can however, you should always optimise your site to get the best performance. Cache can't take care of unoptimised graphics, databases, slow themes, slow plugins etc.
Q Do I Need to Pay to Optimise?
A. If you are an average user the answer is no - the allowance is 30 images per batch (500 images per month) - if you use more than this we recommend the very cheap Tiny PNG paid upgrade service which also does the compression a bit faster.
Q What is the best practice for GFX?
A. You have to size your images to the maximum size required, ensure your theme is fully responsive. Never upload images directly from your camera.
Q Why Are We Site Monitoring?
A. Nothing is ever static on a web server so you never know when you are running close to your servers physical & software limits this affects your site performance which is why we monitor this for you.
Q How Often Is WP Optimiser Updated?
A. We update all our plugins regularly and check all products after all major WordPress revisions. Our aim is to provide maximum reliability, maximum compatibility with minimum fuss.

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